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The Role of Mothers in Islam

The video outlines what the role of mothers in Islam is regarding raising confident Muslims who will counteract the negative media coverage about Islam.

Why is there so much bad news about Muslims and Islam? I wish I could do something… But what can I do to counteract the lies spread about Islam?

I’m just one person…

As Muslims we have become so used to seeing negative headlines. The Liberal non muslim media can seem so powerful and overwhelming, that we feel powerless.

At one point I stopped watching the news because it was so depressing. It was easier to watch an episode of my favourite netflix show then try to understand what’s happening in China or Palestine. However, I realised I can’t  just stick my head in the sand and I think a lot  of us are guilty of doing that at one time or another. So, let’s take a second look at the question “What can I do?

Firstly let’s remember since it’s inception Islam and Muslims have faced negative propaganda In Mecca the Quraish spread lies about our beloved Prophet (saw)


They mocked him (saw) 

At the beginning of the mission, the people of Quraysh began mocking the Prophet (a.s.) Here, we mention the men who mocked the Prophet (a.s.): 1. Al-Waleed bin al-Mughirah 2. Al-Aas bin Wa’il 3. Al-Aswad bin Abd Yaghuth He scorned and mocked the Prophet (a.s.) and his companions. Whenever he saw the Prophet (a.s.), he said to him mockingly: “Have you been talked to by the heaven today?” He said when he saw the Prophet’s companions: “The kings of the earth have come!” He said that because the Prophet’s companions were with poor clothes and their living was very simple.


Hurting and insulting 

Abu Lahab (the Prophet’s uncle) and his wife were the most spiteful enemies of the Prophet (a.s.). The Prophet (a.s.) suffered many torments. He threw filth on the Prophet’s door because he was his neighbour and celebrated when he heard about the passing away of his (Saw) baby son.


Accusing the Prophet (saw) of madness

 Because the Prophet (a.s.) came with a new law unlike the habits and traditions of Quraysh, they accused him of madness, though he was the most knowledgeable of all mankind. They accused him of madness to frustrate his mission and prevent the public from following him and embracing his mission. 


Accusing the Prophet (saw) of magic 

The people of Quraysh accused the Prophet (a.s.) of being a magician, for he recited before them the miraculous verses of Allah that they could not keep up with, besides his wonderful maxims that attracted all hearts.


We need to realise that the reason why the Quraish did propaganda against the Prophet (saw)  is the same reason why the Liberal media creates lies and fake news about Muslims today.  They are scared of the truth. They want to demonise Muslims so their people will not want to embrace Islam.

Let’s take inspiration from Umar

Umar  asked the Prophet (saw) “Aren’t we on the right path here and in the hereafter?” The Prophet (saw) replied affirmatively, upon which Umar asked “Why then, do we have to conduct our activities secretly? I swear by Allah Who has sent you with the Truth, that we will leave our concealment and proclaim our noble cause publicly.” Hence, prompted by Umar, the Quraish witnessed to their alarm the first group of Muslims approaching and worshipping before the Kaabah in broad daylight.


Concluding Hadith

To fulfil our role as mothers in Islam we should follow the following hadith

On the authority of Abu Saeed al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then [he must change it ] with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then [he must change it] with his heart. And that is the slightest [effect of] faith.” (Recorded in Muslim)

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