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Our new must have, Ramadan box is packed full of everything you need to encourage your children to love Ramadan and motivate them to fast. Perfect Ramadan gift box.

Your children’s Ramadan Box includes:

★ Ramadan chart
★ 48 gold Ramadan Mubarak stickers
★ 48 Ramadan Kareem stickers
★ Ramadan Mubarak banner
★ 5 Ramadan badges
★ 2 Ramadan Kareem bunting
★ 15 Ramadan Mubarak cupcake toppers

Ramadan Chart

Our Ramadan Calendar is a perfect Ramadan gift for kids. The Ramadan Countdown Calendar comes with 40 stickers to help motivate children to fast and do good deeds throughout the month of Ramadan. The dua for suhoor and the dua for iftar are printed on the A3 size calendar. So, children can easily remember their duas. Inshallah, make Ramadan 2020 super special for the children in your family, if you’re looking for Ramadan gifts for your niece and nephew then this Ramadan Calendar is a fun way to encourage them to fast!

The phrases on the stickers include

I fasted only for Allah
Alhamdulillah I kept half a fast
I woke up for suhoor
I prayed salah
I shared my food
I helped make iftar
Mashallah I read Quran
I prayed at the masjid

How to use the Ramadan Chart

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