Cook 5 Vegetarian Recipes in 5 Days

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It’s tempting to dine out when you think about the intricacies involved in making traditional daals and curries. But Cook 5 Vegetarian Recipes in 5 Days cookbook explains how to make classic Indian foods to give families an easier way of preparing healthy vegetarian recipes. Join Farhat Amin, as she shares the how-tos of creating delicious Indian dishes.

Cook 5 Vegetarian Recipes in 5 Days Cookbook offers:

5 easy, authentic Indian recipes that are ready in 60 min or less and require minimal ingredients
2 bonus easy vegetarian recipes
Tried and tested guidance from an Indian cuisine home cooking expert

From delicious dals to rich vegetable curries, flatbreads, snacks and much more, this book brings you Farhat Amin’s collection of plant-based Indian recipes.

This book is the cookbook that accompanies the online cookery course “Cook 5 Vegetarian Meals in 5 Days” The link for the course is in the book

Who Is This Course For?

The Cook 5 Vegetarian Meals in 5 Days video course from Farhat Amin is designed for home cooks who want to quickly learn authentic Indian recipes from the comfort of their home.

It contains step by step video tutorials that are quick and easy to follow. Your time is limited, so the information is broken down into bite-size lectures that can be easily completed in less than an hour. All the recipes are suitable for Vegans, apart from the vegetable kebabs – an egg is used, however, that can easily be omitted.

The course goes through the steps from understanding Indian spices, to preparing your ingredients, to the exact steps showing you how to make 5 delicious Indian meals, that your friends and family will love.

What You Will Accomplish During This Course

Start from scratch and create awesome vegetarian meals that look professional and taste amazing by the end of the course. You’ll no longer need to pay for expensive Indian take-aways. After completing the course you will have a repertoire of recipes that you can rustle up in no time. You can accomplish all of this in under a week! The link for the course is in the book



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