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Reclaim your Muslim Mindset

By March 18, 2020Muslim Podcast

Season 4 of A Muslim Mom Podcast will be exploring how to reclaim your Muslim mindset. Listen here

How we experience the world, and our ability to succeed within it, constantly changes based on our mindset. I want to look at the following interconnected challenges we collectively face:

  • Reasons behind the rise in mental health issues
  • The sexualisation of society 
  • The sexualisation of childhood
  • Sex & relationship education
  • Body Image, low self esteem and eating disorders
  • Individualism, materialism  & consumerism

Inshallah, I don’t want to just outline the negatives. Rather, I hope to shine a light on the positive Islamic approach to these problems so we can develop a confident Muslim mindset. As positive brains have an advantage over negative or confused brains. Recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology show that when we have clear advice and guidelines regarding how to deal with a difficult situations then our brains become more engaged, motivated and productive.

The goal of season 4, reclaim you Muslim mindset, is not simply to try to give quick fixes for the things that aren’t working. Rather, I hope the episodes will be a guide to focus on and amplify the things that do work. I do not aim to upset the solutions offered by others. Most of the answers we get, when based on sound evidence, are perfectly valid. However, if we’re starting with the wrong questions  we will fail to understand the cause of our problems.

With Allah’s help and the right mindset, we can reframe the negative unIslamic concepts that are causing us anxiety. We can stop them from holding us back from achieving our full potential as Muslims. We can reverse the formula that we use for happiness and success. Inshallah we can create a love of learning and a resilience that will motivate us to achieve our ultimate goal: jannah.

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