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Politics of Hijab

By June 21, 2020Muslim Podcast


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The politics of hijab: the dress of Muslim women has been politicised by secular thinkers, left-wing activists, conservatives, feminists, and talk-show hosts that all believe their take on the subject will emancipate Muslim women. For centuries, an obsession with Muslim women’s dress has enabled an array of political projects.

This week The thinking muslim podcast speaks to two guests, firstly Farhat Amin, who is working on a book project to address the twin challenges of Muslim confusion about their Islamic rights and feminism and then we discuss the long colonial history behind the politicisation of women’s dress and how to view the hijab from the shari’ah rules with Ustadh Iyad Hilal, author, and imam from the United States.


Over the past months, we have brought together a team of Muslim women writers and researchers from all over the world, from the UK, Qatar, Turkey, Canada, the US and elsewhere. We now need to realise this project with your help. If you are interested in writing, read on. Alhamdulillah we have enlisted qualified ulema and scholars to check the final draft of the book prior to publication. The book will also look at the topic of the politics of hijab.

Book: Muslim Women, Feminism & Liberalism

Synopsis – Muslim women and their ‘emancipation’ remains a key project of liberal universalists. The Muslim woman and her role in society has unwittingly become a front line in this cacophony of voices to embrace liberal ‘modernity’. From politicians to pundits, the obsession with the Muslim woman’s dress, habits, roles, motivations and place in a Muslim family seems to have become a political project driven by a wider desire to engender an “Islamic reformation”. We plan, through this edited book (each chapter will be written by a different writer), to bring together genuine voices of Muslim women, intelligently tracing the historical and present-day political project to embrace feminism and undermine Islamic social values. We are looking for a broad range of Muslim writers to contribute and would like to request your submissions.

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