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A Muslim podcast series just for Muslim Moms. Farhat Amin looks at the messy intersection of life + Halal business and the humanity that leads us as we grow, and fail, and adapt
throughout every new season of  motherhood. Bi-monthly episodes.

What Moms think of the podcast

“Best of luck .enjoyed listening today. Amazing work”  Maryam

Salaams Farhat,
Just wanted to let you know how great your podcast is. You truly understand the trials and joys of being a Muslim mum in today’s world. Thanks for being so positive and focusing on looking after our families, not caring what the critics think!

I am a writer, mainly a writer of children’s books. Your podcast is really comforting and inspiring. Thank you. Also, your teaching resources are wonderful. Looking forward to ordering as my son gets older!

Allah hafiz,