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Best Muslim Podcasts in 2020

By August 14, 2019Muslim Podcast


Do you listen to Muslim Podcasts? Are you looking for a good Muslim Podcast? I have compiled a list of the best Muslim podcasts in 2020. While the traditional view of Podcasts might have viewed them as something of a novelty — niche audio shows listened to by nerds or geeks who knew what a Podcast was — Podcasts are now mainstream.

As consumers, we are now used to the concept of on-demand services. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Video and BBC iPlayer serve up traditional content like TV and movies on-demand. Similarly, Podcasts might be thought of as radio show on-demand.

Muslim Podcasts are a great replacement for the biased media, that drowns out authentic Muslim voices. They can actively be a part of your  Islamic, personal and spiritual development, helping educate, inspire and keep you informed regarding what’s happening in the worldwide Muslim community.


A Muslim Mom

So, as you may already know I have my own podcast, I started it just for Muslim Mummies. I look at the messy intersection of life as a Muslim mummy and a Muslim entrepreneur. I explore the humanity that leads us as we grow, and fail, and adapt throughout every new season of being a Muslim Mother. In addition each episode is filled with tangible advice from fellow Muslim mums.


The Safina Society Podcast

The idea of a podcast came about one day in 2014 in a discussion between Muin and Dr. Shadee. Students learn so much in casual conversations with teachers, and so what if we turned that informal convo into a format of its own.

The Thinking Muslim Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to exploring issues in some more depth and untangling the complexities of the world around us. I hope to engage a number of thinkers, academics and scholars in conversation on a number of themes to appreciate the ideas that makeup Islam as a system of thought.


Iman wire  Muslim Podcast

Subscribe to the new ImanWire podcast, a series of conversations on issues facing the Muslim community.


Blood Brothers Muslim Podcast

UK based Muslim podcast discussing current affairs and issues related to the global Ummah. Brought to you by the 5Pillars.com team. Young men will particularly like this podcast.


Muslimommy Podcast

A Muslim podcast for Moms and Mompreneurs to find inspiration, healing, comfort, joy, support, great tips and ideas from a mom who is in your shoes!

Mind Heist

Tune in with Mohamed and Ameen giving you a critical analysis of various topics from the perspective of 2 of the most sensible Muslim husbands on the internet


Let me know about any other Muslim podcasts that you would recommend in the comments below, jzk.



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  • Muttaqi says:

    As-Salaamu Alaikum,

    I would recommend the Islamic History Podcast. We discuss various topics such as the civil war in Yemen, the Iranian revolution, the history behind the Sunni-Shia split and much more.

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