Salams my dear hardworking mums,

You are amazing! I know how much you love & cherish your kids (I’ve got 3 of my own). We both know how rewarding & challenging it is being a Muslim mummy. So, I am over the moon that you have found me. I want to help & support you! I believe, from the bottom of my heart that if we can nurture a deep love for Islam in our kids from a young age then (inshallah) they can blossom into happy confident Muslims. My mission is to create well thought-out, quality products to help you nurture an Islamic atmosphere in your home.

In 2008 I merged my respective expertise in teaching & parenting, along with my entrepreneurial spirit to launch The Muslim Sticker Company. Today, I have a one-stop-shop, for creatively designed parenting resources and online courses, packaged and delivered in just a few clicks.

Highly Curated Parenting Resources

Unique gems and limited-edition surprises, hand-picked by me and designed to delight. I am all about happiness—created and delivered.

One-of-a-kind Designs

I have worked with designers to source delightful prints for our perfectly, crafted decorations. I’ve searched high and low to curate a special collection of decorations you can’t find just anywhere or all in one place.

Online Courses for a Muslim Mummy

I have been building my business for the past 10 years. I’ve worked my way from being a teacher to a entrepreneur. However, over the last 3 decades I’ve devoted my energy into personal development. I’ve spent ten years devouring books and podcasts attending Islamic conferences all with the goal of becoming a better Muslima and Muslim mummy. In my online courses I will be condensing my years of hard-won knowledge to help you make lasting change and to get further, faster. Each course will dig deeper into things like: how to adopt a positive mindset or how to get your kids off their gadgets. Learn tangible advice from a real mum who’s done the real work, made real mistakes and learnt from them!

Inshallah, let’s remember each other in our duas!

Your Sister Farhat Amin

farhat amin