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Welcome to A Muslim Mom Podcast

Welcome to A Muslim Mom Podcast

It’s been created just for Muslim Mummies. Farhat Amin looks at the messy intersection of life as a Muslim mummy and a Muslim entrepreneur. She explores the humanity that leads us as we grow, and fail, and adapt throughout every new season of being a Muslim Mother. In addition each episode is filled with tangible advice from fellow Muslim mums.

The voices of Muslim women

Often, the voices of Muslim women and Muslim mothers in particular are ignored. Muslim mums are expected to be cooking, be submissive and be quiet.

A Muslim Mom Podcast & blog is about helping Muslim mothers understand their identity through discussion and that it’s OK to be a Muslim Mom. Whether you choose to work, stay at home or a combination of both! It’s about our collective experiences as Muslim mums.The inspiration to begin the podcast came from Surah Asr

“By Time. The human being is in loss. Except those who believe, and do good works, and encourage truth, and recommend patience.”

Your host

Hosted by Farhat Amin, a mother, writer, and Muslim businesswoman. You can shop for parenting resources over at www.farhatamin.com. Farhat Amin is passionate about Muslim moms being able to share aspects of their lives with the others. Experiences of, joy love and loss. Experiences that help a fellow mum find comfort and say ‘It’s OK, I don’t need to be a supermum! Inshallah, I just want to be able to be part of the wave that will help to nurture the next generation of happy confident Muslim kids.’

So, to all the hard working Muslim mothers out there trying to figure it out, you’re not alone. Motherhood is a blessing full of challenges and remember our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that ‘Paradise is at the feet of the mother’  (Nasai)

Where can you listen A Muslim Mom podcast?

Oh and there will be book reviews, giveaways, interviews and freebies of course! You can listen to A Muslim Mom podcast here or on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast,


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