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Is modest fashion Islamic?

Why are we, muslim women finding it so difficult to wear hijab? Why has hijab become so provocative and sexualised? Is modest fashion Islamic?

Is Modest fashion Islamic?

Are we now wearing hijab for the wrong reasons?

All these questions are explored and answered in the video below, if you find it useful please share with you friends

Talk delivered on November 30, 2019 at 7th Annual NJ Dawah Conference in Parsippany, New Jersey. JAK to the organisers for the invitation, as well as to the participants who attended.

Nour Goda discusses the obligatory nature of the hijab; the ideologies tugging at young Muslim women in the West; and the roles that the modest fashion industry and “hijabi” subculture play in making adopting hijab according to the Qur’an and sunnah so challenging.

This talk is a brief overview of Nour’s upcoming short book, “Raze Your Gaze: Hijabi Subculture and the Liberalisation of the Hijab.” The e-book will be published by Lamppost Education Initiative in 2020. To be notified of its publication visit Nour’s website and subscribe

Nour Goda

Is a Muslim Arab American and native of New York. She is of Palestinian and Syrian descent. Nour writes and speaks about the topics of ,faith crises, feminism, race politics, from an Islamically-informed perspective. Nour has delivered lectures at numerous American universities and Islamic conferences including the recent conference “Fortifying the Muslim Mind” You can listen to her talk on feminism here

In 2015, Nour reverted after having left the fold of Islam for nearly a decade. Recognising that her experience is not unique and that there is a dire need among Arabs and Muslims to address highly sensitive and controversial matters, such as atheism.Nour decided to develop a multimedia initiative dedicated to candid, intracommunity dialogue. Thus, she launched the Between Arabs Project, a podcast and blog. Working alongside lay Muslim Americans. The podcast covered topics such as faith crises, sexuality, polygamy, feminism, race politics, and more.

In 2017, Nour decided to discontinue the Between Arabs Project in order to refocus her energy and work.Today, Nour writes and speaks about many of the same topics from a more Islamically-informed perspective. She is currently pursuing the Islamic Essentials program with Darul Qasm.





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