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Dua the weapon of the believer

The book we will be reading in the Thinking Muslim Book Club  for April is “Dua The Weapon of the Believer by Yasir Qadhi’
In this work, the author elaborates on the status, importance and etiquette of dua’ in Islam. In the most comprehensive work yet to be written in English on the topic, the author discusses, amongst other matters: the excellence and benefits of du’a; the types of du’a; the pre-conditions that are needed in order for a du’a to be accepted; the recommended etiquette of performing du’a; the timings and situations in which a du’a is more likely to be answered; the various factors that aid or prevent a du’a from being accepted; the relationship of du’a with the Divine Decree (qadr); the wisdom behind a delayed response, and many other relevant topics.
I think it will be really help us to understand how to cope with the situation we are in regarding the coronavirus and being in lockdown. I’ve started reading it and it has already had a really positive impact.
Happy reading!


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